Terrafirma M12.5S 12v electric winch synthetic rope & 2 wireless remotes TF3320


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Introducing the brand new M12.5S 12v electric self recovery
winch, yet again combining fantastic looks with the latest trends. 
Powerful 6.6hp motor, fast line speed on & off load and also lightweight at
37.5kg, this amazing winch includes not only a cable remote control but 2 wireless
remote controls, so both the driver and co driver have complete control. Also
as standard the bright red 25m synthetic rope is fitted with an alloy safety
thimble as standard. The drum is illuminated with 3 LEDs during operation for
safe winching during low light. Super long 3m battery leads ensure that there
are no risky connections from the power supply, long enough to reach the
batteries under the seat of a Defender!

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